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My musical journey

Welcome to my musical journey! Feel free to explore my portfolio where I've gathered some of my favorite creations, each one expressing my passion and dedication. Take a look at my projects to get an insight into my musical world.

I've had the pleasure of being recognized in international songwriting competitions and have been fortunate to receive several awards, showcasing my ability to craft melodies and lyrics.

In 2012, I had the opportunity to participate in A-pressen's BandWagon competition, representing A-media in Lower Romerike/Eastern Norway. Among many talented participants, I was chosen as one of the twelve artists for the regional final at Lillestrøm Kulturhus, where I performed my song "River of Love."

Following that experience, I continued to participate, and in 2013, I also reached the regional final with my song "Back to You," which also gained some attention on platforms like Romerikes Blad,, and Østlandssendingen.

In 2014, I once again made it to the regional final, this time with my self-recorded and produced song "Crash & Burn." I also took part in the preliminary round of NRK's songwriting competition "The Hit" with my song "Back to You," produced by Lasse Hafreager.

Now, after several years of work, I am excited to share my latest album with the world - a project that I have worked on from start to finish. This solo project represents my musical development, and I look forward to seeing how it will be received. Come along for the journey! You are most welcome <3.

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