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Album Moods Change


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Musician Review - Word on the Street

I am a singer-songwriter specializing in Americana, folk, rock, and country genres. Music has been a constant companion throughout my life's journey. In 2011, I delved deeply into my musical pursuits, embarking on the creation of my first album. "Moods Change" was released on May 25th, 2013, receiving favorable feedback. The album was produced by the highly skilled Dagfin Hjorth Hovind, who also contributed all guitar work. During this process, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Lasse Hafreager, who provided mixing expertise and served as a co-producer. Additionally, I crossed paths with Harald Tømte, whose warm-hearted support granted me access to his extensive network of industry professionals, including Lydmuren for mastering, Ess Engros for distribution, and Big Box for digital distribution. I am deeply grateful to have connected with such dedicated and generous individuals who willingly share their networks, expertise, and passion for music.

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