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Hilde Merete Øverby: Ny singel slippes 27.5 -
"Å elske"

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Hilde Merete Øverby: "Kast lånte fjær" - ny singel ute nå!

Storm of Freedom - for Ukraine

Ny singel ute nå til støtte for Ukraina.

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Singel out  1 april 22
"Storm  of Freedom"

Listen (1.4.22)

The song is written in support of Ukraine and the victims of all wars. It was not easy to write. It is about hope, faith, power and will. Everything ends, including abuse. Freedom will prevail.



Sound of Freya

June 4.

When mind and music come together, an album like Sound of Freya  is the end result. 7 of the album's 10 songs are based on beautiful lyrics by the northern Norwegian poet Anita Diana Boucht.

Moods Change

May  2013

Hilde Merete Øverby released her first album Moods Change 2013, and is proud to be able to present this good feeling album.



New Single Out - Moments - feat. Øivind "Elg" Elgenes

Nytt albumslipp Sound of Freya
Fra album Moods Change
Album Sound of Freya  snart klart for slipp -  Hilde Merete Øverby
Crash & Burn
Silent friend
Motvind - Låt av Hilde Merete Øverby


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