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I am a singer songwriter. My genre is Americana, folk, rock, country. Music has followed me closely trough life. In 2011 I got really deep into it, working with mye first album.  Album "Moods Change" was released 25.5 in 2013 and got good feedback. The album was produced by highly skilled Dagfin Hjorth Hovind, who also played all the guitars on the album. In this process, I came in contact with Lasse Hafreager who mixed the album and participated as co-producer. Moreover, I met Harald Tømte as warmhearted gave me access to his expert network. Lydmuren (mastering), Ess Engros (distribution) and Big Box (digital distribution). There are many I am very grateful to have met. I meet people who are dedicated and generous in terms of sharing networks, expertise and passion for music.


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"Rock Solid"

-  Rune Westengen,  Romerikes Blad


-  Roger Ødegård, Indre Akershus Blad

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