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I am a singer songwriter. My genre is Americana, folk, rock, country.The music has followed me closely trough life, but it in 2011 I got really deep into it, working with mye first album.  The album Moods Change was released 25.5 in 2013 and got good feedback.(Press release - click here).The album was produced by highly skilled Dagfin Hjorth Hovind, who also played all the guitars on the album. In this process, I came in contact with Lasse Hafreager who mixed the album and participated as co-producer. Moreover, I met Harald Tøme as warmhearted gave me access to his expert network. Lydmuren (mastering), Ess Engros (distribution) and Big Box (digital distribution). There are many I am very grateful to meet. I meet people who are dedicated and generous in terms of sharing networks, expertise and passion for music.


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"Rock Solid"

-  Rune Westengen,  Romerikes Blad


-  Roger Ødegård, Indre Akershus Blad

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